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What is helps foreign language teachers who want to teach in Beijing, teach in Shanghai or any city of China and employers find each other directly anywhere in China. Teacher sign-up is free. was made for teachers by teachers and is NOT a language school.

Who Should Use

Teachers and non-teachers - whatever your status in China: a full time teacher, a foreign exchange student, in China on business, and so on. Anyone can use to look for jobs. However, you must plan to be in China for at least 3 months to sign up.

You will find teach in China is a big fun!

How do employers get my contact information?

After browsing our Chinese website(the employer side of the site) students pay a fee for teacher’s contact information and download complete Resume.

How Long Can I Be Registered?

 As long as you like, of course. When you register, you will receive a password which will allow you to edit and/or delete your information at any time. If your schedule gets too full or if you go on vacation, you can log in and put yourself on "Break" until you are ready to have your record displayed again to employers. Simple as that!


  Be fluent (or pretty darn close) in the language you’ll teach

  Want to teach in Beijing, teach in Shanghai or any city in China

  Be IN China

  That’s all!


What you should know

You may get selected several times in one day or not selected at all for several days.

Information you submit (except your contact information) to is viewable by the world at our website:

ANYONE may call. is NOT responsible if strange people call you at weird times and say bizarre things. It’s rare - but happens. does not get involved in relationships between teachers and employers after the contact information is sent to the employer. reserves the right to remove teachers from the database at our own discretion.


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