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Teacher Resume
 Basic Information (Code: 3118)
Name: Neil Endrigo Cardoso de Miranda
Country of Birth: United States Of America
Native Language: English
Current Residence: Overseas Other Area
Gender: Male Age: 21
Language(s) I Teach: English,Portuguese
The Level I Can Teach: All levels Have a TEFL: No
Education: College/University Teaching Experience: 6 months to 1 year
Chinese Level: I can’t speak I have been in China: Less than 6 months
Current Job: Student Other Experience: Education,Engineering,Other
Graduate institutions: Curso e Colégio Energia Major: Undergradutate
 Working Experience(Present to Past):
Company you worked: Softville-Hatchery Technology
Position: Studentship Working Period: 13 months
Responsibility: Take care of events, burocratic affairs, ssecretary, etc.
Company you worked: Indufer
Position: CNC programming Working Period: 3 months
Responsibility: Probration of General machining, to develop CNC programs.
Company you worked: Micro Juntas Indústria e Comércio
Position: Maintenance of industrial equipments Working Period: 2 months
Responsibility: It was the probation of my technical curse of general mechanics and machining. I was responsible for the maintenance in industrial equipaments.
Job Profile: At the present I want to go to China to work as a language teacher or in another area linked with technology or people. When I was 12 I met a girl for sake of the scout movement and since then I have been studying foreign languages my all life, for sake of her I learned English by myself, Spanish, and now Italian and German also a bit about Arabic and Indonesian. I have been teaching Portuguese to foreign and I do really like it, it’s my hobby, study languages ‘cause I have a fall for different cultures and the languages are directly linked to the world’s cultures.
 Other Information:
Height(cm): 171 Weight(kg): 58
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Blood Type: A Astrological Sign: Leo
Hobbies: Business,Camping,Computers,Cooking,Karaoke,Movies,Music,Reading,Travelling,Other
I will Tell to recruiters: Thanks for the opportunity!
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